Who We Are

T.M.F.B.F; The Marcia “Faye” Bent Foundation, Inc. was founded by Mrs. Marcia Bent in November 1995. She has a passion in giving and even when she’s down to her last she continues sharing. She has housed more than 3 homeless families in her home, helping others with their groceries and utilities bills, babysitting so mothers can go to work, and so many other little things that play a big part in other people's lives. She has done even minor but meaningful tasks as taking people to work, the grocery stores and doctor’s office in her van. She did not incorporate her foundation because her other passion was to open her own business. She established her business in March 1997 and she has been using part of her proceeds to continue her charity work. A major effort has been giving out Thanksgiving grocery baskets annually to those who are unable to provide meals at this special time of year for themselves or their families. Mrs. Bent loves people no matter their walk of life. She officially incorporated her foundation in April of 2010. Mrs. Bent is your modern day philanthropist, contributing to the need of helping humanity.

A Message From The President Of TMFBF

“The children are the future, and WE (You and I), have an obligation to make sure that they excel, succeed and reach their highest potential…Teaching them the value of Life, Education and Responsibility. Please help us to help these children, not only in my Island Jamaica, but as many children that we can reach all over the world. Please contribute whatever amount you can online by clicking on the donate button.

On behalf of these children, we say thank you.”

Mrs. Marcia Bent, President

Our Vision:
To become an international leader in promoting early childhood education and development by strengthening families and communities.
Our Mission:
To provide opportunities for all children to gain affordable access to high quality early childhood education by providing the infrastructure and tools required while promoting interventions aimed at strengthening families and communities.
Our Goal:
To create a brighter future for underserved and at risk children and families.