Africa Mission 2008 (Ghana)

In March 2008, Mrs. Bent took her first trip to Ghana, Africa where she touched many lives. Mrs. Bent and some of her volunteers went to schools and handed out school supplies that were placed in hundreds of zip lock bags, night after night, hours on end, while in Africa.  Each child was handed a bag of school supplies showing them they are special in every way.  We also visited a disabled home where we handed out clothes, toiletries and sanitary supplies. There was an occasion where Mrs. Bent and her volunteers pooled money together and gave it to a father to send his daughter to school. One of Mrs. Bent crewmember, Angela “Sister Penny” Pitterson, adopted a child who she put through college, and paid for his room and board. His name is Ben and he’s on our Africa mission slide show. Special thanks to the Volunteers who travelled with T.M.F.B.F.  Also a very distinctive thank you to the Blake family for their hospitality while we were in Africa. T.M.F.B.F is asking for your support to help us continue our mission nationally and internationally.