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Samantha-FIU Student, Florida

Karlo-Case Manager, LMSW, New York

Patrick-Hotel Management, New York

Watt’s Innovative Design & Construction, Jamaica

Rose H, Director of Operations, Jamaica

Sis Moy, Singer/Song Writer, Entrepreneur, Florida

Sharon C. England

Laurie, G, Marina Del Rey, CA

Karen S, Clarksville, MD

Michael S., Bronx, NY

Julie, Florida

Kia-Nurse, Florida

Sebek, Florida

Akirah, Florida

Cassie Gail, Florida

Sis. Michelle, Florida

Andrew, Photographer

Kim H, Florida

RJ, Florida

Rselah, Florida

Bryan-Baba-FP Tech, Florida

Margarita-African Dance Teacher, Florida

Sis. Penny, Florida

Jody-Ann-Office Assistant, Jamaica

Jahet’s – Entrepreneur, Jamaica

Baba, Florida

Marshall-Financial Analysis, Brooklyn NY

Trevor-Bus Driver, Brooklyn NY

Andrea-Claims Adjuster, Long Island NY

Dennis A, Roswell, GA

Ann A, West Haverstraw, NY

Felix V, NY

Michael G, NY

Elizabeth M, Bronx, NY

Kevin O, Foxboro, MA

John B, Great Neck, NY

Fiyah Rootz Computer Analysis – Atlanta, GA

Karleen B, Miami, Florida

Nelson, Florida

Andrew-Bendell Insurance, Florida

J. Jones, Canada

Jamlink & Company, Florida

Melanie-Office Personnel, Florida

Mama Bebe, Florida

Johnnie, Florida

Techiliah, Florida

Nubian Lox, Florida

Cheketia, Florida

Michelle, Florida

E. Major, Vocalist, Florida

Changa, Florida

Lina, Florida

Accurate Electronic Solutions, Florida

Nara, Florida

Ras Roger, Florida

Ronnie Moses-Guitarist, Florida

CB-Artist/Singer, Florida

Andrea Rhule

Eupert Peart

Samantha Bent

Paul “Virgo” Bent

Andrea Jones

Gloria Dixon

Norman Bent

Althea Theola

Hector Jackson

Travis Noonan

P. Fleming

Ingrid Chen

Hopeton Lindo

Melissa Ward Puzon

How could we thank you enough

Mrs Bent: Our Appreciation! How could we ever thank you enough? We appreciate your very kind deed. This is Sachae Senior I write on behalf Wayne Senior. Thank you very much for all the help you have provided him with. He needs you to know that you are the best and he thanks you a million time. We Just want to thank sincerely and loud for everything. Kind Regards.

The Senior Family

Giving Thanks

Giving thanks that we are able to do Jah works! Giving thanks for Mrs. Bent and her vision RasTafari Love – everytime…..

Sis Penny

Jah Blessings

Marcia Faye Bent is the wonderful sista behind The Marcia Faye Bent Foundation that is helping to sponsor the children. Jah blessings.

Sis P

Bless this Foundation

Dear Mrs. Bent: I just want to say thank you for you monatery token of $200.00 towards my fathers funeral. My family and I Appreciate it and I know God is going to bless this foundation.

Andrea Rhule

Monumental Thanks

Greetings Ms. Bent: Give monumental thanks for your substantial contribution to our latest fundraiser. We are committed towards the outreach work of empowering young girls who have been trafficked into prostitution, either by coercion or forced, to bring them to a full awareness of their wonderful selves and know there is another way for them. Your contribution will go along way to continue these great works. Thank you and thank The Marcia Faye Bent Foundation, Inc. All the best,

Fiyah Oates Executive Director - Reflective Waters Transformation Center

Be blessed Always

Good Day Mrs.Bent, I would like to express my gratitude towards you and your foundation(THE FAYE BENT FOUNDATION) for all your help towards me and my family. You are a true blessing and I wish you and your foundation (THE FAYE BENT FOUNDATION) all the best and continue with your blessings you are an inspiration to me and my family and we love you for being there when no one else was there. BE BLESSED ALWAYS. Thank You

Kay Collier

When I needed it most

“To The MARCIA “faye” BENT Foundation,inc. I am Hannah Boland thanking you for my thanksgiving basket I usually cater for the less fortunate year after year, but now a days things are hard. There is no one to help me, so I’m thanking you from the bottom of my heart for coming to my aid when I needed it most.” Thank you and may GOD bless you,

Hannah Boland and Family

God Bless

From myself, members of staff and the residents of the St. Elizabeth Infirmary wishes for you for 2013 LOVE, PEACE, PROSPERITY AND BLESSINGS IN ABUNDANCE FOR YOU ALL for 2013 and onwards hoping that your organization will grow from strength to strength to do the wonderful work you are doing. Many may not be able to say thank you for themselves but the Lord will do so for them. All the best and I hope that all your good wishes will come through for 2013.

Joycelyn Bryan Matron - St. Elizabeth Infirmaries

thanks for everthing you are doing

Hello , we the parents past student teachers and well wishes of the bennetts basic school say thanks for everthing you are doing for the students of this institution.your presence have made an impact on our students there is hope in the improvement of our institution . As your logo state (the movement for a better family) we know with your involvement we know that positive vibration will spread across.Education is the key that’s our motto we continue producing excelent students with the limited resources and creative means .As you founder Miss Bent quoted in one of her many visits to this institution these are the future we all agree they r the future . As the peot say :”I am the child future of tomorrow will be train me, I beg you, that I may be, I bessing to this world “they r the future so with your foundation on board we know it will soar to new heights..thanks”


Thanks So much and Happy Birthday

Good afternoon Mrs. Bent- Just wanted to take a moment to tell you how beautiful a person you are and how blessed I am to have you in my life! : ) I am ever-grateful for this opportunity you’ve given me and the confidence you have in me. I am so happy to say I love my job and the people I work with! I noticed a difference in pay this last check: THANK YOU SO MUCH! : ) I am so proud to be a part of your team and am looking forward to building us all up together with these expansion ideas that have been proposed! Last, but most definitely NOT least, Happy Birthday! You are one year wiser, one smile stronger, and one love longer! You deserve the best and I hope you feel as loved and cared about as you truly are because there is no one person like you. I wish for you all the blessings in return that you have so graciously given in your life. Anyways, with all that said, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow! Have a blessed night :

Ms. Jeanne

St. Aloysius

Good morning Marcia, all is well with you and your love ones. I just wanted to inform you that we received your check for the children back to school books and uniforms and would like to say thank you very much. We do appreciate your assistance and participation in our program. In the next week you will received their report cards from this past school year and once they are settled in you will receive a recent picture. Later you will receive a copy of their progress report some time in December, and their report card at the end of the school year. Sista Faye, again we thank you and appreciate your donation it’s greatly appreciated and will make a big difference in the students lives. Take care sis, and God bless…One love!

Norda Lewis St. Joseph’s/St. Aloysius

What The World Needs

"This is one of the things that this world needs so that people can start to think for themselves from when they are young."

Karoy Campbell

Keep up The good Work!

"Mrs. Bent, you are a wonderful giving person and I honestly look up to. The things you are doing for the children in Jamaica is amazing . Keep up the good work!"

Azanjah Blair

Help make a difference

"This foundation as being a great help to the children in Jamaica and abroad the funder Mrs Bent is always insisting that education plays a vital role in a child or children lives Please help to make a difference"

Sista Moy

A Bag a Respect!!!!

"Sis may god continue to give u the strength to go on!!!!!nuff love n a bag a respect!!!!!"

Marva Francis

Support! Support! Support!

"This is a wonderful project that The Marcia "Faye" Foundation is doing for the children and the community; giving children a better learning environment towards a better future. Support, support, support!"

Debra German